Philip Leavitt of 7Horse / DaDa

  • February 7

    FlatheadUnderground Fanzine!

    • Q#1 Hello Phil! lets get started by letting the readers know a little about you. Who are you?, and what project are you currently promoting?

      Q#2 What event in your life got you started on the path to professional musician?

  • February 10Philip M. Leavitt
    •  I’m the drummer and singer in the band 7Horse. I’ve also played for many years in dada, and did a stint in the Blue Man Group. I don’t think there was any specific event that started me on my path. I’ve been playing music since I was very young. I started on the drums when I was 5 years old. I was turned on to the Beatles by my cousin who is a few years older than me. Like most of us I was an instant fan. But there was something more there for me. I didn’t just want to be a fan. I wanted to join the band.
  • Sunday

    FlatheadUnderground Fanzine

    • Q#3 7Horse is really turning my wheels has this been somthing thats been in the works for a while or did these tunes birth in some kind of fitted inspirational rush?
    • Q#4 I see the band has a lot of work on horizon I’m sure you have a lot of carryover,fan wise, from your other projects. Is there a different fan base growing or somthing that has surprised you in the last few shows that has created any type of high water mark?
  • Monday

    Philip M. Leavitt

    • I hope you’ve read the bio on the band page but I’ll give you a little back story. The story of 7Horse is one of perseverance, brotherhood and the desire to create a future and not just live in the past. It all started over 4 days in March of 2011. dada had time booked with our long time engineer Scott Gordon but due to a variety of circumstances, that I won’t go into here, was unable to use it. Frustrated, Joie and I decided to just go in on out own and see what we could come up with. We had a few riffs, some scattered lyric ideas, but nothing concrete. We knew it would be centered around his slide guitar and quickly decided that since we wanted it to sound nothing like what we had done before, I would sing lead. I guess we had some pent up creativity because it came pouring out over the four day session. The first song we did we ended up scraping but then we got on a roll. Four songs written and recorded over the next four days. It was incredibly exciting to be discovering a new sound and getting it down so quickly. We repeated the process a short time later in a studio in Forestville, Ca. I slept on the floor under the high hat and we ate, breathed and lived our music for another week long session.Of course we hope that people that have been with us for a long time will come along for this new ride. They are the foundation of what we’re building with 7Horse. Certainly, we hope to reach people that have never heard of dada and just get turned on by what were doing now. I think we are. The girl on girl make out session that erupted right in front of me at our last gig was definitely a “high water mark”. I’m hoping for more spontaneous and “inappropriate” sexual exhibitionism at all our gigs. After all, this is Rock and Roll.
  • Yesterday

    FlatheadUnderground Fanzine

    • Q#5 After disecting the cuts on your new album the dobro really carries the feel it has an obivious and unescapable blusey feel to it. We found your link on your fb page and promptly i-poded the downloadable tracks(thats more a thank-you than a question) We noticed your nearing a small road tour across some of the southwest. What plans byond that do you and Joie have planned? Anything up in the northwest? or points further East?
    • Q#6 You being the precussionist I’ve always marveled at the stuff any one given drummer surrounds him, or her, self with. Just to address my own curiosity what would you tend to use in a studio situation as opposed to ‘on the road’ some pieces are to priceless to throw in the back of a van do you have any ‘holy grails’ in you cuppord?
  • 18 hours ago

    Philip M. Leavitt

    • As has been said many times, the Blues is the foundation of Rock & Roll. When we got together to make this record we wanted to get back to that foundation and focus on that. The National steel guitar was the perfect sound to center the record around. As for the road, we actually begin our tour in Denver on March 30 and head straight for the Southeast after that. We’ll be doing shows in Nashville, Mobile, Birmingham, Atlanta and then swinging around to Houston, Dallas and Austin. We’ll be heading out for more shows in May with a trip up the East Coast and into the Midwest. We will however be playing in Portland OR. on March 16 for a radio station up there and plan to go back to the Northwest for shows this summer. As for my gear, I’m not a collector. My stuff get’s played on the road. I’ve got a ’67 Ludwig Super Classic that some people would keep under glass but I don’t look at them that way. I have had them out on the road quite a bit. In the studio I tend to try different snare drums and bass drum sizes. I like big bass drums and I’m thinking about getting a 26 to use in 7Horse, but for the first time out I’ll have my 22 Ludwig and my Supraphonic snare. I’ve got some beautiful Paiste cymbals (Traditional Series) that I’ll be using as well.
  • 18 hours ago

    FlatheadUnderground Fanzine

    • Q#7 (seems seven is an appropriate number to end on)So your back in full motion with 7Horse we, as fans are byond stoked! I always like to ask musicians: what do you do when your not out making our lives more interesting? without getting too personal of course once I swear I saw a idol of mine fly fishing on a secluded river in the middle of nowhere. Just an effort to bring the joe public factor into it…What does Phil do to kill time inbetween the rock & roll?
  • 18 hours ago

    Philip M. Leavitt

    •  When the Rock & Roll is on hiatus I can still be found in front of a mic. For the past several years I’ve been doing quite a bit of voice over work here in L.A. on radio and television commercials. In fact my spot for the American Beverage Companies ran during the Super Bowl. It’s a perfect second career for me. I can actually make some money off the road. Baseball is also a passion. I’ve been playing semi pro ball for several years and recently won the 2011 MSBL World Series in Phoenix. I love the game and I’m going to miss being out there this year while I’m on the road. But semi pro has got to take a back seat to fully pro. We’ve got to rock. Thanks for the questions.Phil
  • 16 hours ago FlatheadUnderground Fanzine
    •  super sweet! Phil, I still can’t beleive I’m corresponding with a musician that has been so influential in my development a bit star struck to be honest…..without getting mushy and shit THANKS A MILLION

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